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As mentioned throughout this report, many of the claims are not worth listing due to their nature. The following would be considered “volume flushing”. They are meant to create a perceived effect that carries a derogatory impact on the BX Protocol™ through high volume disinformation tactics. Examples would include:

  • Dr. Smith needing to go on a diet.
  • The BX Protocol™ website having spelling errors or edit changes.
  • Listing personal information (home addresses of Delta Institute employees, information on spouses and children, etc.).
  • Website traffic registration logs, traffic tickets, company registration logs, logo design, employment ads, etc.

The general effect of these attacks has had a positive outcome for our organization. Most people who enroll in our program make informed decisions based on facts, not biased opinions from a specified group spamming various outlets. In fact, we have seen an increase in enrollments as a direct result of their claims. Many conclude that if Leiden is suppressing at this level, then the BX Protocol™ must be effective. If our protocol did not work, it would not be a threat.

Our goal is not to convince people that our protocol is the best treatment plan for them. We recognize that our program is not a good fit for all people. This is why we have membership enrollment criteria that must be met in order for an individual to qualify for our program. Our goal is to educate people on the root cause of disease while providing them options to restore their health. Ultimately, we respect each individual’s right to choose the treatment plan that they feel is best for them. We recommend they research their options using unbiased sources to help them draw their own conclusions. We encourage interested parties to engage in open discussions with us when they have questions or concerns. When a member chooses to incorporate our protocol as part of their treatment plan, we are genuinely honored to be a part of their health restoration team.