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When conducting an internet search for the BX Protocol™, it is likely you will see a link about us on the RationalWiki website. Wiki pages can often help individuals find legitimate resources when seeking information on a wide variety of topics. Generally speaking, Wiki pages can be a good place to start research, but cannot be relied upon as a primary source. It is also important to understand that not all Wiki pages are created equally. Many Wiki pages are designed to be neutral in nature in an effort to increase legitimacy. They provide fact-based information so individuals can conduct further research and decide for themselves. Other Wiki pages, such as RationalWiki, are more biased in nature. According to their website (, the purpose of RationalWiki includes:

  • Analyzing and refuting pseudoscience and the anti-science movement
  • Documenting the full range of crank ideas
  • Explorations of authoritarianism and fundamentalism
  • Analysis of criticism of how these subjects are handled in the media

We do not take issue with the purpose of RationalWiki. We strongly believe that each organization is entitled to fulfill their intended purpose in the way they see fit. In fact, their snarky point of view format can be very entertaining and some ideas presented meet their criteria. However, it is important for individuals to understand how the organization operates, who contributes to it, and how their agenda is executed. It is also important to understand that RationalWiki should not be considered as a primary source for research.

According to their website, RationalWiki is not a neutral point of view like Wikipedia. A neutral point of view is when the contributor provides a fact-based representation on the topic they are researching to provide and overview of the big picture. The writer often includes references to support their assessment. RationalWiki states that they do not censor, hide, or ignore things, but that they are uncompromising on what is right and what is wrong, and why that is so. This means that a contributor can make an assessment of a particular topic and present their opinion without researching opposing viewpoints. Additionally, their page states that while “references are desired” writers are encouraged to draw their own conclusions. These conclusions do not have to be based on facts. For this reason, RationalWiki is not recommended for use when looking for unbiased research.

When the article on the BX Protocol™ initially surfaced, Delta Institute wished to engage in open dialogue to correct false statements and misinformation. It was our desire to explain the science behind our protocol. Unfortunately, there was no interest in conversation or correcting these misrepresentations. Our only option was to post our responses on the “Talk” page, which we had no problem doing. Per their website, if the information proves the statements are false, the main article will be edited appropriately. Of course, this did not happen. Even when verification was provided showing some statements were completely false, no effort to correct or remove these statements were made. This is not highly surprising. It is a Wiki page that is not administrated by anyone other than a few volunteer moderators. Additionally, other bloggers have pointed out that because the page is presenting a biased point of view, they misrepresent and omit content that goes against their case (Quora, 2016). This has been our experience as well and seems to completely contradict their statement that they do not censor, hide or ignore things and that their desire is to show “why” it is so.

Many claims that were made on RationalWiki can be found in the section titled, “General Legal Response to Claims”. Keep in mind, some claims are not deserving of a response and no time will be wasted on them. As you conduct research, you may determine you have questions that have not been answered or that you would like more information. We highly encourage you to contact us for further information. We also encourage you to conduct independent research regarding claims made.