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The BX Protocol Forum

The BX Protocol Forum was designed to provide a central location where individuals could easily access rebuttals to frequently made claims. Much of the information found in this report can be found in the forum. When concerns about legitimacy arise, the forum allows Delta Institute to provide fact-based responses from our legal team, Case Managers, and other staff members. Additionally, it is a place where members and their families can share their experiences with the protocol. The BX Protocol Forum home page can be accessed by clicking on the following link:

In recent months, Delta Institute has been criticized for asking those who would like to contribute to the forum to register. Additional criticism was levied against us when we closed new registrations in November 2016. Some would like you to believe that we require registrations and closed new registrations because we want to censor posts that do not portray our company in a positive light. This is simply not the case. When the forum was first launched, we allowed contributors to register and post their thoughts, opinions, and experiences. As time went on, we were forced to stop allowing new registrations because it was continually targeted by hackers. To secure the site, limitations to registrations had to be made. This is not ideal as it reduces the effectiveness of the forum. It also decreases our ability to promote the intended purpose of our site when new members are not allowed to share their thoughts, experiences, and opinions. We will continue to explore alternatives that will allow new forum members to register in a manner that is secure.