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Transgallaxys Forum

Another site that may populate when conducting an internet search is Transgallaxys Forum. An Internet forum is a website where people can have discussions in the form of posted messages. Like most forums, it is simply a place to share your opinion, which does not have to be based on facts. We do not oppose the use of forums. If we did, we would not have a forum of our own. They can be a great place for individuals to share information and experiences when the moderators encourage open discussion based on facts.

Efforts have been made to address claims made on Transgallaxys Forum in the section titled, “General Legal Response to Claims”. Some claims are not deserving of a response and no time will be wasted on such claims. As you conduct research, you may determine you have questions that have not been answered or that you would like more information. We highly encourage you to contact us for further information. We also encourage you to conduct independent research regarding claims made.