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Twitter has been an excellent tool for us to share information about the BX Protocol™ with those who are interested in finding out more about our organization. Once individuals express interest, it is not uncommon for them to be contacted by R0b1999. Many of our current members and other supporters have been contacted by this individual. Much of the information presented on his page is very similar to claims made on RationalWiki, Transgallaxy Forum, and other outlets. Some proprietary information that was used in his tweets was stolen directly from our internal affiliate website. When a security breach was recognized, we were forced to shut down our member Back Office for a short period of time to ensure the sensitive medical information of our members was safe. Enhancements have been made to help cease future potential breaches on all sites we operate. We know that the Twitter user R0b1999 has used large volumes of stolen information in his tweets. It is also important to call out that much of the information this individual tweets is highly biased and misrepresents our protocol. Some tweets are purely false.

Twitter is another forum where individuals are allowed to share their opinion with others. Tweets are not fact-checked and the information is often biased. Again, efforts have been made to address claims made on Twitter in the section titled, “General Legal Response to Claims”. Like other sites, some claims are not deserving of a response and no time will be wasted on such claims. As you conduct research, you may determine you have questions that have not been answered or that you would like more information. We highly encourage you to contact us for further information. We also encourage you to conduct independent research regarding claims made.