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Understanding Cyber Terrorist Strategies

By expressing interest in Delta Institute and the BX Protocol™, you could receive contact from individuals looking to instill fear or create doubt to discredit our organization. It is important for you to understand some of the methods that have been used to deter potential members from our program. Ultimately, we want you to do your research and feel good about purchasing membership with us. It is important for you to understand the strategies that may be used to create fear and doubt.

In 2016, some of our email systems were hijacked. The group responsible is a highly sophisticated cyber-criminal organization with significant cyber-attack capabilities. Members, affiliates, and associates should be apprised of a strategy to generate protective orders against Delta Institute and the BX Protocol™ by manipulating communications. Here is how the strategy works:

  1. Delta Institute’s email system was hijacked to obtain email contacts from current members.
  2. The hackers send the member emails. In this case, the emails appeared that Delta Institute was communicating with the person, when in fact, we were not.
  3. Many of the emails sent were threatening, demeaning, or violent in nature. The contact would start by slowly engaging with the member, and then built up to a level of threats, bodily harm, etc.
  4. After making it appear that Delta Institute was threatening a member, the attackers (or cyber terrorists) establish contact with the person and attempt to assist them in filing a legal action or protective order against our organization or against key personnel within our organization.

There is no evidence that this type of contact has continued since we have increased our security. However, there are also no guarantees that these individuals will not attempt to impersonate Delta Institute employees in the future. We ask that you remain alert and notify us of any suspicious activity or contact from Delta Institute that seems unusual. Early detection allows us to stop cyber criminals in their tracks.

We now also have proof that members of this cyber terrorist group established a variety of email accounts for the purpose of blog and forum communications. With the use of VPN networks, they are able to avoid detection. However, in recent attacks they have made serious errors, which has enabled us to identify at least one member of their USA network. This information is being added to our file with the FBI in the United States.

When expressing interest in the BX Protocol™ it is possible you may receive an email from “John Q. Public”. The emails come from a fake email address using this fake name. We highly recommend that you do not open these emails. If you choose to, it is imperative that you do not click on any of the embedded links. We have reason to believe that these links may include malware, viruses, or other items that may infect your computer system. The example below is content from an actual email sent to one of our members from a testimonial video. Similar emails have been sent to members, their friends, family, and others on their email contact list.

Contact information for members, affiliates, and prospective members was illegally obtained when an online system was unlawfully hacked. In recent months, activity from “John Q. Public” seems to have stopped. Members, new members, and interested parties have not reported continued communication. This is likely due to the fact that Delta Institute has increased security measures, but we want you to be aware that this does not guarantee you will not be contacted. More information and examples of strategies and methods used can be found online on our forum. For more information about the BX Protocol Forum can be found in this report on page 7. You may also visit the BX Protocol Forum by clicking on the following link: